L'Anoia, come and enjoy a landscape formed by a mosaic of cereal fields interrupted by soft mountain ranges, where entertainment comes from the Earth...

The Anoia, despite its proximity to the metropolitan area of Barcelona and its strong economic activity, maintains the serenity of the interior regions of Catalonia: vast fields of cultivated land, forests, small villages ... A great place to discover the Central Catalonia and enjoy Barcelona.

Environmental tourism resources:

Montserrat Mountain: This mountain rises to an altitude of 1236 meters to the right of the river Llobregat, one of the most important and emblematic mountains of Catalonia. It has a very peculiar and sharp relief, with huge walls and rounded blocks. A 725 m find the Monastery of Montserrat. It is a natural setting ideal for climbing and hiking.

Caves, Collbató: the geology of the mountain of Montserrat are conducive to the existence of caves. These are located at the foot of the mountain of Montserrat in the municipality of Collbató. The visit will allow us to get into the cave and take a tour around the various rooms 500metros and observe geological features such as stalactites and stalagmites. The tour lasts about an hour.


Cultural Resources:

Abbey of Montserrat: located in the mountain of Montserrat, this Benedictine monastery is a symbol of Catalonia. Here we find "the Moreneta" virgin of Catalonia, Choir of Montserrat, one of the choirs of Europe's most historic, museum, library and permanent collections preserving a wealth of artistic and cultural heritage.

Igualada: the capital of Anoia, is an ancient city with a very interesting old town. We can walk leisurely walk through its streets and squares and watch the most important points of the town: the Basilica of Santa Maria (S. XVII) Source Carota, the town hall square, Piazza Pio XII, portals of the wall , Santa Rock Crossing, etc. The most unique building Igualada is the asylum of Saint Christ built in 1941 modernist style.

Castles of Anoia: the region hosts a wealth of castles and fortifications built around the tenth century, when Muslims and Christians were expelled repopulated the central area of Catalonia. Currently the most prominent buildings are: Castillo de Claramunt, Vilademàger Castle, Castle Riubregós Castellfollit, Tossa de Montbui Castle, Castle Clariana, etc.

Claramunt Castle: Castle is the best preserved of the region of Anoia and one of the top ten in Catalonia. This is located on a small mountain of 461m and foot can find the town of La Pobla de Claramunt, a town that gives name to the fort dated tenth century We can be reached by car or on foot (about 40 minutes from the village). Open Wednesday to Sunday.

Paper Museum Capellades: Located in a former paper mill SXVIII where we discover the papermaking process, the history, machinery and various documents produced between the thirteenth and twentieth centuries. 



Traditional Festivals:

Food and craft festival of Anoia, Igualada: it is a gastronomic fair of typical products from the region of Anoia represented by various local unions as producers of oil, honey, pate and other craftsmen. On the other hand held various events and activities to make this event more fun. This is held in early November in the Plaza de Cal Font de Igualada.

European Balloon Festival, Igualada: This is an annual gathering of ballooning worldwide. During the first half of July to concentrate fifty teams from across Europe to participate in one of the most important events of this sport. The festival lasts from Thursday to Sunday attracts up to 25,000 spectators who enjoy the spectacular image of a sky full of balloons and various organized activities. This festival takes place at the airfield Catalonia Avenue. 


Active tourism

Bicycle enthusiasts can enjoy this sport and the different routes crossing the region. Many of these trails are the main topic of the castles of Anoia. It is a different and healthy to discover them.

You can make walking routes by the massif of Montserrat and explore one of the most emblematic mountains of our land. It is an ideal place to practice climbing and via ferrata.

We also have the possibility of different activities: balloon flights (in Odena and Pujalt) Paintball (in Carmen), amphibians recovery center (in Masquefa), center wildlife observation (in Piera), outlets in Odena, Castellolí and Argençola, Pitch and Putt (in Massoteres, etc.).

Children can enjoy the circus in Freixes, located in the municipality of Copons, where they can experience and live the world of the circus in person.


Near the l'Anoia - Barcelona.

Route of the Castles: Segarra is the region with more castles and walled towns of Catalonia, castles that are integrated perfectly in the landscape and form an authentic medieval landscape. These constructions were used to control the muslims and later they were used as houses during the feudal time. The most outstanding castles are the one of Florejacs, Sitges, Vicfred, Pallargues, Aranyó, Montcortés, Ratera etc. This route can be done safely by car or on a tour. In the tourist office of Cervera we can find information and maps of the route.

Cervera: the capital of the region is a city with a long history (Muslim, ibers and Roman). It had his maximum splendor at the beginning of century XVIII, when among others privileges, had the honor to host the unique university of Catalonia. The old town maintains its walls and their attractiveness: small alleys and places and houses with porches, the church of Santa Maria built during the centuries XIV-XV, the university, the town square, etc.

Witches' sabbath of Cervera: the last weekend of August the village live one of the most intense party of the year. Throughout the festival the town is filled with visitors interested in this event recalls the tradition of witchcraft in the village. During the three days of the festival is held all sorts of events all related to the fire, music, dance etc. The correfoc, the Escorreguda, Dance of the Cock, the parades and the concerts are the most interesting events.

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