Alt Urgell is a very important natural and cultural heritage. The Cadi, churches and shrines, charming villages, summer festivals. Come and discover it.

This region is located in the central part of the Catalan Pyrenees. Segre River in the valley, divides the country and historically has served as the hub of communication. It currently houses the Segre Olympic Park where you can enjoy adventure sports. Furthermore, the region offers stunning natural surroundings as Cadi, the national reserve of Cerdanya-Alt Urgell, Pyrenees Nature Park, the Mountains of Prades, etc. We can also find small towns that have maintained their traditional character and La Seu d’Urgell, the capital, offering all kinds of services and a very interesting old town.

Environmental tourist resources:

Natural Park of Cadi-Moixeró: This is one of the parks biggest in the country with more than 40.000hectáreas, comprised of different pre-Pyrenees mountains and bordered by the counties of Cerdanya, Alt Urgell Berguedà. 800metros is located between the gullies into the 2.650metros the highest peak (the Vulture). These large drops make the vegetation is very changeable, from alpine species to Mediterranean vegetation.
This natural area offers areas of great interest and a large number of trails, family recreation and activities. It was declared a Natural Park in 1983.

National Reserve Cerdanya-Alt Urgell: in the central part of the Catalan Pyrenees find this pool of more than 17000ha delimiting with Andorra in the north and the south by the river Segre. This area hosts many charming villages and untouched nature that will not leave us indifferent. Its high mountain vegetation is basically black pine and meadows. There are a large number of glacial lakes of great beauty. It is not uncommon to see some osprey, ptarmigan and golden falcon. We can access from the village of Meranges or from the Vall de la Llosa. Possibilities for all kinds of excursions for the whole family.

Parque Natural de l'Alt Pyrenees: it is the largest natural park in Catalonia and is divided between the regions of the Alt Urgell and culd. As its name suggests it is a completely natural area of high mountains with altitudes exceeding 3,000 meters. They emphasize the lush valleys (Aneu, Card, etc..), And rivers (Noguera Pallaresa Cardós, Tor, etc.) and their villages that maintain their originality. It is an area that offers many attractions, give a great cultural heritage to a spectacular natural resources such as Lake Certascan or Cigalera de l'Obaga de Valera. 

Cultural resources:

La Seu d'Urgell: This is the most populous city in the Catalan Pyrenees, located in a strategic important gateway to Andorra and in the interfluve of the river Segre and Valira. This city offers museums, leisure areas, restaurants. for all ages and tastes with a rich cultural heritage. Its old town is quite interesting (medieval style) and the Cathedral of St. Mary is the flagship component of the city. It is the only cathedral in Catalonia, dating from the twelfth century and has both a faculty and a walled enclosure.
La Seu d'Urgell is home Bisbe of Urgell and houses the diocesan museum. This shows a large quantity of religious works of art such as paintings, altarpieces, sculptures, etc.

Romanesque buildings: Alt Urgell is located in the middle of the Roman road, a route that goes through different transfronterera Pyrenees region. This means that we can find a large quantity of religious buildings in all their valleys and villages. The Romance of the region is characterized by simplicity and small size of their buildings. Highlight: St. Marti Bescaran, St. Martí d'Ars, St. Eulalia d'Asnurri, Els Pontarrons, Romà Valldarques St, St. Miquel de les Masies of Nargó, St. Mary of Castell-llebre, etc.

Charming villages: In this region there is a big name in small towns that stand out for their preservation: Ars, Castellbò (with its medieval remains i Cathars).

Traditional celebrations and Outstanding Activities:

Accordion Meeting of the Pyrenees, Arsèguel: at the end of July this small town hosts one of the largest accordion festivals in Europe. This is a typical village of the Pyrenees, which is full of people to enjoy the concerts and events that take place during these three days. The event attracts foreign groups of traditional instruments and luthiers.

Baixada” de Rais, Coll of Nargó: This popular day commemorates the office of “raier” and use of the Segre River as the axis of communication. In mid-August in the village square we can see how elaborate the rais and Saturday as they circulate downstream. It is a holiday with a series of parallel events as a popular breakfast and botifarra, karaoke, fireworks, etc. 

Festa Major de la Seu d'Urgell: during the last week of August or early September, Seu de Urgell lives one of the most intense days of the year. Townspeople and visitors to the area are on the street to participate in each of the acts performed as concerts, competitions esportivas, dance displays, children's shows, sardanas, correfoc, etc.


Active tourism

Its vast territory and the changing climate stations allow us to practice different types of sports throughout the year.

Seu d'Urgell in the find Segre Olympic Park, a unique space for sports such as rafting, canoeing, kayaking and open-hidrotrineo, etc. with complete safety and comfort for visitors. Along this park is a center of mountain biking, we will find a welcoming spot with information and services and over 100km of marked routes all freely available.

The region has a long tradition in cross country skiing. We can play golf or enjoy a snow day at stations in St. Joan de l'Erm i Lles, Tuixent-La Vansa i Aransa over 120km of pistes.

For fans of the mushroom picking this place is ideal. In the swamp of Oliana is the possibility of fishing. Aravalle and karts Golf in St. Tirs Pla.


Near Alt Urgell ...

lake Party, Puigcerdà: at the end of August, the people of Puigcerdà lives one of the most anticipated days of the year and encouraged. The people were dressed for a party and an entirely unique centennial with a parade of floats as the main element and all costumed participants. In front of this is the Vella de l'Estany, a mythological character of the area. The festival is full of color and screaming and finally ends with a stunning fireworks on the lake.

Tourism in Pallars Sobirà: this region offers us very beautiful places as they can be to the villages of Arroz de Cardós, Anet de Besan, de Escaló y de Vilamur, Llessui, Bordes de Burg, Esterri d'Àneu. Its valleys hidden natural spaces and an unknown heritage.

Ski resorts: Espot Esquí, Port-Ainé and Tavascan, and wide variety of adventure sports such as rafting on the Noguera Pallaresa, or hiking in the National Park of Aigüestortes and Lake San Maurici.
Andorra: The country of the Pyrenees is a very good place to make a getaway by all the attractions that offers us. The proposals are varied: 
  • ski and snow sports in the ski resorts of Vallnord, Grand Valira, Pal Arinsal, Ordino Arcalís, Pas de la Casa, Soldeu el Tarter.
  • Great cultural offerings, from Romanesque churches to festivals of jazz and theater. 
  • Shopping and relaxation at their wellness spaces.


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